When you enter into our community, you become part of the family. Thanks to our loyal customers and exclusive partnerships from around the globe, we are confident that we have the finest, freshest, and most authentic ingredients on the market. Come get a taste of all we do! Our quality products speak for themselves.

At the end of the day, we’re small enough to know you, but large enough to serve you. Partner with Greco & Sons—we’re your recipe for success!

About Greco & Sons

Welcome to the Greco family—where our relationships are as authentic as our Italian food.

Since 1990, Greco & Sons has delivered specialty food services with pride. We’re rooted in tradition, but our world-class sausage never goes out of style. Because we are committed to bringing the best Italian flavors everywhere.

We partnered with Sysco, the world’s global foodservice leader, to help us grow even stronger. But, our old fashioned values haven’t changed. Our uniquely personal customer service and operations are the same as they’ve been from the beginning. And, more importantly, our exclusive name-brand quality products and standards aren’t going anywhere.

Our Products

Our product lines and brands are recognized as the best of the best in the industry. Greco & Sons has an excess of 15,000 items which have been sourced worldwide, specializing in pizza and Italian food. Greco operates as a USDA inspected facility, where we handle and process fresh beef, fresh pork, fresh poultry, and our very own line of world-class Italian sausages.

Imported Italian Specialties
Deli Products – Lunch Meats and Specialty Cheeses
Cheese, Tomatoes, and Flour
Pasta (dry and frozen)
Fresh Produce (Fruit and Vegetables)
Pre-Cut Produce
Dairy Products (full line)
Canned Goods
Full Line of Frozen Foods
Gourmet Desserts
Janitorial Supplies & Chemicals

We honor our Italian roots by providing authentic products, delivered with pride. We’re passionate about the food service industry—we believe that our customers deserve old school hospitality and the finest foods on the market. Greco & Sons is your recipe for success!