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Since 1990, Greco and Sons has been rooted in traditional values, but our sausage never goes out of style.

This is because our world-famous sausage recipe was perfected by Pasquale Greco over the years and passed down to the next generations of his family.

They have grasped the wealth of knowledge from Pasquale to ensure the high-quality spice blends of the sausage are blended all in-house to create a consistent, industry leading product.

Consistency is monitored passionately by the Greco Family so customers can trust that they get the same product time and time again.

So come get a taste of the secret ingredient in our recipe for success!

Our Premium Protein Selection

Our premium protein selection, which is manufactured near our headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois with high-quality spice blends, consists of the following products that can help fill out your menu’s offerings to your customers:

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